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document #2

I'm kim, hi. I'm really rubbish at keeping profiles like this up to date.

I've variously been involved in all sorts of anarchist, queer and feminist collectives, and at the moment I'm very poorly and have been taking some time out to work out what I think. I'm heavily into trying to work out what to do about white privilege, male privilege and all the other privileges at the moment (able bodiedness being most applicable to me) and generally reflect and criticize what's been a crazy couple of years of too many ideas all at once for me.

My current project is setting up a big, coordinated queer website. We have a wiki up and are actively seeking new developers. I've also just started a PhD at Salford university in "soundscapes, gender and the built environment"

Get in touch if you like cups of tea and having lunch, or if you're ready/dissafected enough to do a healthy criticism of the anarchist and queer scene.

It's all about the compassion. i think we've lost sight of that.

Email me at anarchy bob (all one word) at gmail dot com if you like!
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